Saving Money at the Gas Pump

Gas Prices

Our hearts sink at the gas pump these days! The price per gallon sticker shock is only overshadowed by the running tally on the pump’s digital readout. WellCar can’t do anything about the price of gasoline, but we can save you hundreds! As a WellCar member you receive 10%-25% discounts on required vehicle maintenance services, like oil changes.  That’s direct savings you can use at the gas pump. Learn more about WellCar benefits. Click here.

Here are a few handy tips for saving money at the pump!

According to a GasBuddy study conducted during 2021, the lowest price day at the pump is Monday. Friday (routinely one of the most expensive days) clocks in as one of the cheapest days at the pump.

Mark your weekly fill-up for Monday and Friday and rest assured you are getting the best gas price of the week! Treat yourself to a latte with the savings.

Don’t use higher octane fuel if your vehicle doesn’t need it. The inside of the gas tank cover or the owner’s manual will specify the minimum octane requirement for your vehicle.

If your vehicle indicates a 87 minimum octane, do not use a higher octane gasoline. You are just wasting money. A vehicle does not perform better if you use gasoline with a higher octane than required. Conversely, do not use lower octane fuel than your vehicle specifies. Over time running your vehicle on lower grade fuel results in carbon build up on the inside of the engine. Carbon build up reduces the engine’s efficiency and can lead to engine damage.

Use websites and apps that track and report on the lowest price gas in your area.

Waze, GasBuddy, Upside and Google Maps all offer information where you can find the cheapest gasoline. Pro tip: Avoid gas stations located in downtown areas or immediately off of the highway since these locations charge premium because of their location. Be aware the cheapest gasoline might be across a state line. For example, gasoline in New Jersey is cheaper than gasoline in Pennsylvania. This is because the gas tax in New Jersey is much lower than the tax in Pennsylvania. Alaska, Hawaii, Virginia, Missouri and Mississippi are the five states with the lowest gasoline tax.

Pay with cash.

Some gas stations offer a discount to cash paying customers. If one is offered, a gas station price billboard will specify a cash discount. A discount is usually 5 cents to 10 cents a gallon. This savings can really add up! Avoid the pump limit of $100 when you pay cash! The security limit is a non-issue when you pay by cash.

Optimize driving routes and reduce drive time.

Efficiently plan your driving route to avoid back-tracking and extra mileage. Run all of your errands in one day versus multiple trips across multiple days. This translates into gas savings.

Leave race car driving to the professionals. Accelerate slowly. Coast more.

Speed is thrilling. The current price of gasoline is not. The faster the accelerator is pressed down to the floor, the more gas your vehicle consumes. Look ahead! If the road bends or if there is a stop ahead, lessen the pressure on the accelerator. Maximize the coast! Bonus: Coasting saves your brakes too!

Remove roof racks and carriers.

Extra storage is great however bike racks, roof carriers and other vehicle storage accessories hurt fuel economy. Adding a roof box of any kind to your vehicle alters air flow around and creates drag and turbulence. In a small four-cylinder vehicle the impact of a roof box can be 10 mpg off of the mileage. Put the carriers away when they aren’t in use.

Maintain proper tire PSI.

Underinflated tires are not fuel efficient. According to the US Department of Energy, underinflated tires can cause you to lose about 3 cents per gallon.  Your car manual or the inside of the driver door will note the PSI for the tires. Many convenience store gas stations have free air terminals you can use to fill your tires. Pop in and fill your tires for free!

Limit idling time.

Don’t start the car and let it run while waiting for passengers or your drive-thru order. If you are idling for more than 10 seconds, turn off the engine. According to the US Department of Energy idling drains your tank by a quarter- to a half-gallon of fuel per hour!


Gasoline talk in pretty exciting, right? Saving the WellCar way is exciting too! Click here to learn about all of the WellCar benefits. Happy Trails!