About WellCar

We all love our cars. Until we don't.

As much as we take our vehicles for granted, sometimes they break down. Who are we kidding? Cars and trucks are made to wear out. And that means the day is coming when old reliable, won’t be. WellCar shields you from the frustration and anxiety that come with expensive, unexpected vehicle repairs and finding emergency transportation. Insurance is for accidents and liability, WellCar is for EVERYTHING else.


There's a LOT to love about your WellCar membership.

  • 24-hour/365-day Concierge Class roadside assistance
  • Comprehensive coverage of mechanical repairs
  • Discounts on routine maintenance like oil changes
  • Rental and ride share transportation
  • Search listings for trusted mechanics and repair facilities
  • Personal concierge assistance and auto services

How your WellCar membership works:

  1. Confirm your employer or provider is a WellCar partner
  2. Request a risk-free quote for your membership with no-obligation
  3. Once you finish your Happy Dance over the savings and protection your WellCar membership provides, you simply join through your employer and start enjoying the benefits.
  4. Feeling satisfied, you park your vehicle concerns and enjoy the peace of mind knowing WellCar has you covered. You can cancel any time with NO penalty or cost. Plus, your membership fees never goes up even when your vehicle gets older or has more miles on it.
  5. You thank your employer or provider for such amazing benefits. Then, you tell all your friends and bask in the glow of being the smartest person in the room.